Tenancy Selection

Our Strict Tenancy Selection Process

We value the worth of your property and protect it by ensuring a rigorous selection of tenants who will respect the obligations of tenancy.
Tenant references are essential when letting your property and your instructions will be strictly adhered to. We have a “Zero tolerance Policy” for rent defaults and have processes in place to secure a landlord’s income.MarketingWhen a vacancy occurs, Harvey’s will take responsibility for re-letting the property once the vacating notice has been served by the current tenant, this in turn means the landlord is not missing out on possible income.Prospective tenants may register on a tenant waiting list at any of our branches until a suitable property becomes available. Prospective tenants are advised of rentals becoming available daily by text messaging, e-mail or by phone.Your property is included on a list of available properties for prospective tenants, which are held at the local Harvey’s Property Management offices. We regularly promote your property in the print media and field enquiries from our website as well as through links to other relevant websites

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